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Part of the services offered in the field of sports and culture:

Infrastructure and services required for the transmission of video and educational content on customized networks tailored to the needs of data transfer recognized through industry (Customize Network) in the whole country with secured communications on a variety of substrates,

Cellular Networks
Optical fiber
Paired and ...
Virtual private networks (VPN) to connect nodes on demand over the Internet and with evident cost reduction

Secure products data archiving

Store and display various docs Art centers and sports training

Public or private access to the content of the communication infrastructure

Content delivery with the ability to consistently getting picture

Providing WiFi umbrella at certain , out of reach, overcrowded points

Convenient and user-friendly platform for managing and playing movies include personal and organizational data (SDP)

Delivers content requested by users on the Internet or communication platform (VOD)

General and user-friendly platform to load any multimedia content (video and audio, etc.) to use and share it on communication infrastructure (UGC)

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