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Part of the services offered in the field of banking, insurance and capital, according to current market needs, facilities and infrastructure available:

Custom network design to service bank branches with high security using a different backup platforms to enhance redundancy

Design banking data held on Satellite networks
Providing data services to banks using four different communication platform for backup

Integrated services and secure data transfer within the network
Create network access to bank branches with maximum security

Secure transmission of information on different bank branches and offices

Providing contact phone systems within the context of secure IP (VOIP and NGN)

Create electronic payment gateway on the Internet

Providing data services for ATM, POS

Secure data centers

Design secure Bank data centers taking all the security measures

Making cloud computing centers to analyze data

Maintenance and support of data centers

Organization portal software solutions

Provide insurance websites with online payment services

Provide Online banking services and payments

Enterprise software, including office automation, rights, wages, taxes, ...


Banking softwares

Design Mobile Applications for e-banking services

Setting up SMS system

Design and implementation of specialized software for custom organization

Call Center and Supports
Intelligent centers and branch offices to reduce energy consumption
Making Bank and insurance customers club

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