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Providing services in the field of mining and industry:

Ability for linking mines with the relevant authorities in the co-organization

Make video conferencing systems for meetings between supervisors and management coordination and decision-making mining areas as well as visual communication between authorities and relevant agencies with a cost much lower than traditional methods
Implement web-based automation in industry organizations and Mines

Remove paperworks, local archives and scattered

Send correspondence through the portal system and email

Send correspondence through electronic exchange (protocol ECE) to communicate with other organizations

Useing fax services to send and receive mail directly in the system

Documents archive

Electronic counter

Center for Electronic Certification (ca)

Contact Center

Design and construction of data centers

Design Infrastructure, information systems and services and Statistics

Create and support infrastructure, hardware and software to prepare comprehensive database, integrated and dynamic, through continuous communication and relations with all areas and units

Create and support of hardware and software infrastructure for setting up, maintaining websites and monitor setup, maintenance of websites areas and units

Establishment of a centralized statistical system through continuous communication with the field and relevant units in order to update it and paving the way for the production and required data fields and related units

Making hardware and software infrastructure required for virtual education and its subordinate units with the participation of relevant areas of expertise

Creating profit necessary infrastructure and interactive platforms, monitoring and updates for facilitating electronic interaction information such as: "electronic system and correspondence Secretariat" and "email system" and so on.

Planning and monitoring in order to establish, strengthen and update network systems (Internet and Intranet)

Setting up intermediate servers (terminal server) to increase security and speed coefficient for the use of telework

Launch Digital signature

Automatic integration with other Banks and information systems

Create a communication platform for surveillance cameras transmit images between supervisors and management areas

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