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Electronic payment services license (PSP):

Fanava card is licensed psp. The mission of Companies who have psp license from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran,is providing safe, effective and inexpensive to customers through an online payment gateway.

Distribution license in Iran ISDP bandwidth and ISP:

Duty of ISDP companies is to see the ISP broadband services to end users and companies . ISP is responsible for providing information services and Internet to end users and ISDP companies responsible for providing Internet broadband for ISP and PAP. ISDP and ISP is Voice communications technology company licensed by the IRAN Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

High speed internet service license (Provide Access Provider):
PAP companies licensed by the CRA and radio communications
And responsible for Internet services and data transmission and voice-over-cable subscribers and suppliers are private communications.
By installing the equipment in place consumer at the center of telecommunication and communication centers and telecommunications centers with each other and to a common center to offer this service.
Fanava Dade Pardazi is licensed.

Satellite internet service license SAP:
SAP companies licensed by the CRA and radio communications, and is responsible for providing Internet services, voice and data transmission via satellite communications.

Licensed establishment and operation of online data services Internet Data Center:

IDC companies are licensed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and offer the following services.

A safe and resistant state to the threat of software, hardware and environment.
High-speed and stable connections with a variety of communications.
Providing hosting services.
Providing storage, processing and exchange of information and digital data management services
Fanava Dade Samane is IDC licensed

Provide telephone service:

The service is licensed by the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and telephone companies. This service data for the town, Bashd.antqal, organization ... is to see and implements data, messaging, Internet and communicate with other mobile operators through the services are available.

Rural mobile operator licensed system:
This license is granted by the CRA and radio communications.
This communication services, IT servicesTo deprived rural households in 27 provinces and 20 postal offices banking services Technological development and facilitate access to villagersCommunication services And includes the following services:
Ability to communicate with other operators
Better to see the e-government services in rural areas
Ability to provide electronic banking services in villages
Services SMS, Internet, POS and international communications in the villages
Ability to see the post paid- pre paid services