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Fanava Group company (LLP) is a holding actives in the field of information technology investment approach in the design of information and communication technology (ICT) and specialized in infrastructure projects for integrated network across the country and economic needs of large organizations with assets of over 300 billion rials was founded in 1381.


Tolue Technology Company Network
Tamin company to supply new industries
Saba Future investment company
Sharif develops and supplies company
State Pension Fund Investment
Bahman Group Company
Central Insurance of Iran


DP Fanava
Satellite Fanava
Fanava card
Fanava Communication Technologies
Fanava system
Fanava Dade Samane
Kuh-e Nour Community
Fanava Hamrah
Fanava Shabake Gostar
Fanava Moje

Certified Activities:

Fixed Communication Provider(FCP)
Password authentication protocol (PAP)
Bandwidth distribution license in Iran (ISDP-ISP)
Data transmission services via satellite communications (SAP)
Establishment and operation of online data service center (IDC)
Landline operator license
Electronic Provider payment services license (PSP)
Registration and certification of digital electronic license

Fanava, is 3rd of the festival's top companies (TOPEX)
Obtaining approval Fuel Smart system support

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