Fanava will be the first operator service provider of integrated voice, data and video


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  Director of Fanava Group said:

  Fanava will be the first operator service provider of integrated voice, data and video


Ali Asghar Taravati Director of Fanava Group, describing the latest achievements and plans of Fanava group: Fanava is the first FCP that can play a multy role operator and our estimate is that we are the first mobile operator that can provide in the field of voice, data and video integrated in the near future.

In associate of the Public Relations Department of Fanava: Ali Asghar Taravati board member and CEO of the Group Fanava with the presence of media at a press conference before the exhibition Elecomp, Congratulating the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) about the formation of the group Fanava said: Establish Group Fanava history dates back to 2004 and the group created as a comprehensive Holding in the field of ICT goals.

  Taravaty said: Given the importance of IT And the need to organize practitioners in 2004 for companies wanting to provide services operator in the field, The CRA and radio communications licenses and permits are issued.

 Director of the Fanava Group said certifications with a variety of business topics ranging from 2004 are taken, for example PAP license to provide services (data transmission), ISP and ISDP licenses for internet services, License Center or PSTN license to provide fixed telephony services in accordance with the licenses that were obtained were collected since all group companies began to operate.

 He stated: Accordingly, Fanava Holding actually founded by 12 companies that today 10 companies are operating in various fields.

Following a board member of the group and subsidiaries Fanava Group said: Dade Pardazi Fanava licensed PAP and FCP, Corporate Communications and Fanava licensed ISP and ISDP, Company Dade Samaneh licensed in datacenters, The Kouh-e-Nour Company in fixed communication communications licensed PSTN, Fanava satellite company in the field of satellite services, Fanavacard company in the field of electronic payment cards or PSP, Fanava System company in the field of software systems, Wave Fanava company to supply equipment and provide engineering services, Tazmin Gostar Company in the field of payment and value-added services, Finally, enterprise-wide network Fanava responsible for providing technical services, engineering and technical support and responsible for capillary grouth in whole country.

 Taravati company's stock on the OTC stated: From the beginning, the company's stock market capitalization as a public company that has lots of natural and legal shareholders began and soon it will be announced officially notified and symbol on the OTC will open.

 He described the current state of information technology in the country: ICT sphere in our country today is in a situation that the household consumption basket and in the areas of B2B in a way that cannot simply overlook. 56 to 60 percent of households in the country have access to the Internet and a network of mobile network coverage to 95 percent now.

 He stated: The number of mobile phone subscribers compared to the total population is close to 99/8 percentage point and the proportion of people with access to fixed telephone was 98/7percent.

 The data access and penetration in fixed communications and mobile communications in the country is clear.

He added: The effect of this is in the area of new businesses and businesses based in the emerging IT and reinforce concepts such as accelerators and startup of the hand.

  Director Group of Fnava about the orientation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology licensing company after 10 years said: The government has taken two general approaches to the one in constant communication and the other is on mobile communication. In the area of fixed communication the government permits and licenses and the integration has been focusing on creating large operators and that is why the new license in the name of FCP is defined in this field.

 The government's approach in the field of mobile communications, He said: The government is also in the field of mobile communications but three apratvrasly mobile phone instead of defining the fourth operator, the new license MVNO (mobile virtual operators) has raised up on the basis of domestic firms able to use foreign participation in consortia This means that dedicated to fit the needs of small markets with limited target population, but with more specialized service provider.

  Taravati said: New businesses are being created in the field of ICT to add to the rule-making area businesses to organize, this condition requires that both threats and opportunities that arise in the industry and be careful on the other hand the area of rule of law or retardation in the growth of this industry is very effective.

  He added: Based on this analysis and the task we face with such an approach, one task firms and other sovereign duty. The rule that in our country the Ministry of Communications and Information and a great crue called upstream of cyberspace. Accuracy, speed and accuracy in decision-making commensurate with the growth of technology and the market needs and taking into account the interests of operators and consumers Service, with a suitable timeframe crucial and important.

  Fanava Group board member said: When a company like Group Fanava decided to draw a strategic plan takes at least for a period of 5 years old must decide what coordinates and orientation in this industry.

Taravati in describe the certificate chain with comprehensive benefits and services group, said: Any industries that provide services and products to model-based B2B or B2C is the issue could complete the chain of important and effective. When we study the world's various industries, Industry information and communication technology in the world, one of 10 top industry and in the industry, Payments Area are among the best of it. Fanava only holding the chain of communications and payment in full.

This set Fanava and helps customers to be able to provide services for a more complete role.

 Director Group Fanava explain the performance of this group of startup said: Talk to attract and organize new ideas and startup in the group forming is one of the missions ahead of ourselves attracted to the idea and understanding of society's elite and support the community know that on the basis of the knowledge and ideas Fanava Group agreements with research centers and universities for the operation of the field in both entrepreneurship and education workforce has concluded.

Taravati in the outlook for information technology and consumer behavior in the IT industry, said: The future of the industry in the development of products based on the field of video services and value-added services. This means that if we want to have a multi-year orientation especially in the area of content and video that we must study and careful planning this prediction is made and the agenda of the Group.

He added: Protocols with other operators like IPTV operators that is serviced in the country are concluded and that future services Group subsidiaries have been seen.

 Fanava board member fan group on how the group exhibition Elecomp said: Product Group subsidiaries in the exhibition show off " Nafis switch " and "Ava" application, different systems, software and other products will be unveiled at the Elecomp.  He added in this year Elecomp 8 conference with topics such as search and enterprise services on the basis of the license approach FCP, Security Operations Center, or SOC, Satellite network's security and business intelligence BI was run in the 4-day exhibition in Fanava Group cort.

 Taravati in the end said: FCP has been licensed by several companies but we estimate that the first mobile operator in areas where we can voice, data and video in the near future to seamlessly offer and Fanava Dade Pardazi would be the first operator FCP that can play a role.

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